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Eelam War

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Eelam War/Terrorism
An influential section of the media stepped up pressure on President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government as the LTTE launched Eelam War IV with a massive attack on Trincomalee and the Jaffna frontline in August 2006 after almost succeeding in blasting troop carrier Jetliner as it approached the Trincomalee harbour carrying over 1000 officers and men. The August offensive marked the beginning of major ground battles after three years of low intensity confrontations and a media campaign which vilified what a section of the media called the Rajapaksa troika. Although, the President and Basil Rajapaksa had skilfully engineered a series of crossovers in Parliament to strengthen the ruling coalition and also won over many media personalities who had been with the UNP, the enemy retained a powerful media grouping which took on the government until the very end of the LTTE last May. An attempt by the LTTE to reach an agreement with the government, shortly before the army wiped out its leadership on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon, with the help of a British journalist revealed the level of their relationship. To the credit of the government, it effectively used those UNPers who had been at the forefront in the campaign against Mahinda Rajapaksa at the presidential election campaign to target the UNP as well as the LTTE.
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