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Eelam War

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Eelam War/Forces
Trinco and Colombo ports were targets The LTTE terrorist group had a master plan to surround the entire Eastern coast, capture the Trincomalee port and take Jaffna after defeating the Armed Forces, but the national intelligence services and the Navy intelligence grasped the terrorist plan to preempt the plan, to make the victory of the Armed Forces over the terrorist group. For it was well-known that the terrorist Sea Tiger leader Soosai had predicted that the Eelam War IV will be fought on the seas, Navy Commander Admiral Vasantha Karannagoda said over an interview with the ITN channel.
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Eelam War/Resolution
The culmination of the LTTE rise was the CFA authored by the LTTE, Norway and UNP which granted territorial and judicial rights to the LTTE in a huge portion of Sri Lanka. The war intensified, Norway was discredited, LTTE defeated and Mahinda Rajapaksa got an unassailable political position with the Opposition discarded. One would have therefore thought that the UNP would fight shy of any connection with the Norwegians that brought them down, especially with Eric Solheim. But its leader recently visited Norway, met the infamous Eric Solheim and other Norwegians who conspired against Sri Lanka.
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