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Eelam War

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Eelam War/Terrorism
The victor here is Sri Lanka. It is true that President Mahinda Rajapaksa provided the political leadership and concomitant motivation to defeat the terrorist Velupilai Pirapakaran (VP). The President’s brother, as Secretary of Defence, was the goal-oriented strategist and the provider for the security forces so that the chiefs of the security forces were enabled to easily galvanize the men and women under them into the superhuman effort to destroy VP and his formidable cadres. Behind all these brave and valiant soldiers were the people of Sri Lanka. They (most of them) supported the war to the finish. They paid the taxes and bore the economic hardships caused by the prosecution of war. They sacrificed their young and old to war. They waited with bated breadth for the hourly news from the warfront. They rejoiced at good news and lamented the bad news. Most of the Sri Lankans wanted an end to VP and his terrorism. When the end came it was natural and spontaneous for them to rejoice openly. This is why, to me, it was a Sri Lankan victory over terrorism. It was not a victory over Tamils, though the incorrigible sympathizers of LTTE are still trying to paint it as such. There was no war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. Many Tamils, other than a few LTTE acolytes in the north, would have been relieved that a cruel oppressor had been removed. As we saw on TV, some Tamils did openly rejoice in May 2009 by holding street parties in Colombo and even in the North and the East.
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