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Foreign Relations

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Government and Politics/Foreign Relations
India has apparently lost its cold war with China, or at least the current phase of it. What is disturbing to India is not only China's superior military power and stronger economy, but also China's intrusion into what was once regarded as India's backyard. The development has rendered the so-called Indira doctrine ineffective or obsolete. The doctrine, formulated during the Indira Gandhi premiership, made it clear to regional countries that they should seek help from within the region — meaning India — before they approached any outside power. In terms of the doctrine, India opposed the presence of superpowers in the Indian Ocean which it regarded as its backyard. Small countries in the region were punished for defying the doctrine. It happened to Sri Lanka in the early 1980s. India armed, trained and financed the Sri Lanka's separatist rebellion. In the late 1980s Nepal tried to defy the doctrine and was punished. New Delhi economically suffocated the land-locked Himalayan nation by closing down almost all the trade routes.
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Government and Politics/Foreign Relations
Strangely as it may seem there is speculation, which is said to have been instigated by a certain political party for reasons best known to it, that India is not playing the role which was expected of her after the war was over and that Colombo is displeased. It is also being stated that India is concerned at the non implementation of the 13th Amendment, as promised by the President many times over, thus creating a credibility gap and lastly, that India is concerned about Sri Lanka’s relationship with China and the Chinese building the Hambantota Port. Whether all this is entirely true we do not know but certainly this perception of the situation with regard to Sri Lanka’s relationship with India is being spread by many influential persons in this country and is not helpful. It does appear that the intention is to spoil the relationship between the two countries for local political gain.
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