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"The human being says that the beast in him has been aroused, when what he actually means is that the human being in him has been aroused." - James Thurber, Lanterns and Lances (1961) From the early days of the American Republic, US governments have shown themselves to be very adept at creating their own virtual reality about having always respected ‘human rights’. American scholar Noam Chomsky in Understanding Power, published in 2002, made the point that "the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel has been bad, but in comparison to the treatment of the native population here by our forefathers, it’s been a paradise," adding that "throughout American history this genocide has been accepted as perfectly legitimate." [Chomsky noted that in his history of Columbus, leading Harvard historian Samuel Eliot Morison, after referring to him as a great man, "then had this little line saying, of course Columbus did set off a program of ‘complete genocide’ which, in Morison’s view, "was only a minor flaw as he was really a terrific seaman."]
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