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An Association of leading mould and die makers in Sri Lanka was formed in August 2005 with the blessings of the Industries Ministry primarily to enhance the quality and the number of moulds and dies made in Sri Lanka. A mould or a die is a key component used in almost all the manufacturing industries to enhance its production capability. A mould or a die is needed to manufacture any component from a safety pin to a sophisticated component used in aerospace industry. If you have a look around you, telephones, computers, automobiles, washing machines, cellular phones, soap tablets or a chocolate slab, an endless list of articles, are made economically using dies and moulds. It is calculated that around 15,000 to 30,000 moulds and dies are employed for the production of several parts assembled in an automobile.That alone will give the reader an idea of the demand for moulds and dies globally. Sri Lanka being a small economy compared with the global scenario needs to boost its mould and die making capacity if it is to become a prominent stakeholder in global economy.
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