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Eelam War/Resolution
(Discussion on ‘Palmyra Fallen, University of Jaffna Library Auditorium 24th April 2015) Friends and Rajan, this book is a monumental work with history, politics, law and several other things. I have restricted my discussion to two things. The first is about the outlook of the book. As a person who has lived in Jaffna during most of the period of conflict, the second thing I am concerned about is what went wrong in our struggle. I will start on the first. At the outset I have two questions. The book has Rajani’s name in the title. Palmyra Fallen: From Rajani to War’s End. Her photograph is on the first page; then it reminds us that this is the 25th Anniversary of the Assassination of Rajani. It is not dedicated to Rajani but Rajani appears throughout the book in addition to some chapters that talk about her only. The first question I had was: Is Rajani important enough to be given this much space in our recent history? The second question about the outlook is what is the use of so much data and case histories that come again and again in the book?
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Eelam War/Resolution
Two eminent persons, a lawyer Mr. Gomin Dayasri, and a former Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleke, have invoked the doctrine of ‘Just War’ in regard to the conflict in Sri Lanka. Another lawyer, Ms. Nirmala Chandrahasan has stated that IHL (International Humanitarian Law) is applicable to ‘Internal Armed Conflicts’(The Island, November 5, 2010), but has not stated explicitly whether IHL as it applies to Internal Armed Conflicts is applicable to the Sri Lankan conflict. However, the timing and content of these commentaries seem to convey a shift towards categorizing the conflict as an internal ‘war’ within the territory of Sri Lanka.
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Eelam War/Resolution
The culmination of the LTTE rise was the CFA authored by the LTTE, Norway and UNP which granted territorial and judicial rights to the LTTE in a huge portion of Sri Lanka. The war intensified, Norway was discredited, LTTE defeated and Mahinda Rajapaksa got an unassailable political position with the Opposition discarded. One would have therefore thought that the UNP would fight shy of any connection with the Norwegians that brought them down, especially with Eric Solheim. But its leader recently visited Norway, met the infamous Eric Solheim and other Norwegians who conspired against Sri Lanka.
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