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  • Karadiyanaru Police Station Blasted by Accident
    14 police officer were killed and another 16 injured in a massive accidental explosion at the Karadiyanaru Police Station around 11.30am today. The blast claimed the lives of 6 civilians while 52 others were injured. The details of this explosion are revealing themselves only now.

    Investigation units confirmed a short while ago that 700kg of Gelignite stored at the police station by the Chinese construction company CONVAC had detonated during loading killing the two Chinese workers first and then the others.

    The majority of the other civilians killed and injured in the incident were visiting the police station and the adjacent Govijanaseva Depot. The blast left a hole in the ground measuring roughly fifteen feet by nine feet.

    The police station is situated 500 meters from Karadiyanaru town on the Chenkaladi-Maha Oya road.
  • Remember Forever!
    Dear readers,

    It was on the night of the 19th and dawn on the 20th one year ago that Sri Lanka rid itself completely of the plague known as terrorism and became a country where there is freedom of movement for all. One right at a time!

    Let us remember those that gave their lives to make this a reality and remember all the misguided LTTE youth with compassion.

    Thank you,

    DW Team
  • The Imaginarium of Dr. Channel 4
    Channel 4 Television yesterday posted a story on its website titled "Sri Lanka Tamil Killings Ordered from the Top", another damning article against, firstly the Military (SLA) and secondly the Political Leadership. We wish to address the first accusation against the Military (SLA) in this article response. This is the first (and hopefully the last) reaction to Channel 4 by DefenceWire.

    Before getting into the factual accuracy of these written and video reports, we would like to address the ethnicized language used in the written article beginning with its title "Tamil Killings". The ethnicized language is contained even in the video report which claims a "point blank executions of Tamils by uniformed Sri Lankan soldiers", which video is claimed to have been "authenticated by the UN".

    It is disturbing to hear a news service make such unfounded claims based on an act carried out by...
  • Political Journalism
    A particularly disturbing article has been published in an online news website claiming that a former Director Military Intelligence (DMI) is going to resign after being forced to testify against General Sarath Fonseka.

    General Karunasekara, as a Brigadier and DMI worked very closely with General Fonseka during the humanitarian operation. He was part of a team of talented officers working under Fonseka who saw the war to its very end. This alone is not evidence to tie the loyalties of Karunasekara with Fonseka.

    It is true that a few intelligence officers were questioned after the Fonseka Fiasco by the CID. The questioning was not heavy and the CID wanted to know it these officers had been instructed by Fonseka to conduct any activities against the state. General Karunasekara was not among those questioned.

    The other blatant lie in this report is that intelligence officers under General Kapila...
  • Call to Campaign
    As you are probably aware, the United States of America recently halted training for all our elite troops, particularly the Special Forces, Commandos and the Special Task Force.

    The decision to stop all training activities in USA for officers and men of the Special Forces came after a damning statement by the former Commander of the Army, Ret. General Sarath Fonseka. Fonseka directly implicated the Special Forces in an alleged massacre of top ranking Tamil Tigers during the final phase of the war.

    Though the Sri Lankan elite troops have ample training, experience and skill, the halting of training and recognition as candidates by US military schools is still a blow to the pride of our military officers and men who fought to eradicate terrorism from the face of the earth and rewrote the manuals on Counter Terrorist (CT) and Counter Insurgency (CI) during the course of...

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TUSEDAY, 16 November 2010


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