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Australian Greens’ bias for LTTE

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Australian Greens’ bias for LTTE
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It arouses our curiosity to know what makes the Australian Greens in particular Senator Lee Rhiannon so anxious to move the Australian senate to bring a motion to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth and to even push for a war crimes tribunal against Sri Lanka? The motion was debated on September 22, 2011 and a second motion brought by the same Senator was defeated on February 9, 2012?

So why does the Australian Green party seem to think the LTTE is the victim and not the villain? Let’s imagine the scenario pictured by the Australian Greens. So the government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces are totally responsible for the carnage in Sri Lanka over three decades, the GOSL has been killing thousands of civilians, bombing hospitals, orphanages, terrorizing Tamils .... total carnage by the GOSL, every Tamil is discriminated against, total anarchy. But something is missing. Where were the LTTE all this time, what were they doing?
Australian Greens seem to have left out some simple but important facts. Who killed Alfred Duraiappah the Tamil Mayor of Jaffna and scores of Tamil police officers in the early 1970s, so much so, Tamils feared joining the police? - the LTTE. Who has killed all the moderate Tamil politicians, academics and intellectuals numbering over 130 respected Tamils, including Sri Lanka's Tamil Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar - the LTTE.

Gruesome killings

Australian Greens if you do not remember, please refer your governments condolence statements each time the LTTE struck civilians in a history that will give you not only facts but present to you all the gory pictures of mutilations, barbaric murders of innocent civilians, where even student monks were not spared and had their heads chopped to pieces.

Who kidnapped young girls and boys from the bosom of their parents and trained them into killers - the LTTE and it is the UN that says so! If there is discrimination of Tamils, why does more than half of the Tamil population choose to live amongst the Sinhalese? How are Tamils owning property, running their own businesses, their children attending public, private and international schools? How are Tamils able to own luxury vehicles and how is it that Tamils own over 200 condominiums in Colombo itself?

Can the Australian Greens please answer above?

Can the Australian Greens supporting the LTTE and its front organizations in Australia care to explain where are these 40,000 dead Tamil bodies of civilians that the Armed Forces are supposed to have killed and why are Australian politicians and media ignoring the thousands of innocent men, women and children killed by the LTTE. Their disfigured and mutilated bodies are available to see in file photos of every gruesome murder carried out by the LTTE. These are examples that lie before Australia - why are they ignoring these facts and prefer to cling on to numbers that have been given to them by LTTE lobbies in Australia which they cannot prove - these are only ghost numbers?

Therefore, Australian Greens - we implore you to stop this nonsense of projecting the LTTE as lily white and when it suits you to conveniently omit reference to the LTTE and merely highlight Tamil civilians.

We don't need to hire foreign companies to make films on these killings using high tech visuals for every time these gruesome killings occurred. The world saw what LTTE was capable of. These killings on civilians number over 10,000 and an equal number have been injured. Maybe the Australian Greens has also forgotten how the LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil and their explanation years later - ‘let’s forgive and forget’.

So, your ‘victim’ is certainly not the dove that you are presenting to the world by rubbing shoulders with LTTE front organizations that have steadily become ‘respectable’ engines to raise funds for the LTTE. The Australian Green party is doing damage to the image of Australia by continuously associating with these terrorist front organizations.

It is rather a sorry state of affairs to use LTTE front organizations as the source of information - the ABC news found that out when it was embarrassed by Sri Lanka's Defence Ministry which proved in no uncertain terms that the woman portrayed by ABC news to be a victim of the government of Sri Lanka was none other than a core member of the Tamil Youth Organization, married to another LTTEr and now handling LTTE propaganda located in Australia. Meena Krishnamurthy does not mention the name of a single hospital, nor does she give names of areas which she witnessed the attacks by government troops and she fails to mention where she saw massacre of civilians by government troops. Even the name of the orphanage she is supposed to have worked in is not given. These names are not divulged because if she does, her string of lies will be revealed!