Why the West wages wars


Wars are today considered 'commercial opportunities' for economic success and define political power in today's competitive political climate. It was these American MNCs that turned US into a great power so naturally all successive American governments end up governing the most liberal country according to the dictates of the businessmen who run the foreign affairs of mighty USA!

The first regime change by the US took place in 1893 with the overthrowing of Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii. Since then the US has indirectly and directly been involved in coups, invasions, regime changes in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, British Guyana 1953-64, Cambodia 1955-70, Laos 1958-60, Ecuador 1960-63, Congo 1960, Brazil 1962-64, Dominican Republic 1963, Bolivia 1964, Indonesia 1965, Ghana 1966, Chile 1964-73, Greece 1967, Bolivia 1971, Australia 1973-75, Portugal 1974-76, Jamaica 1976-80, Chad 1981-82, Grenada 1983, Fiji 1987, Libya 1980s and present, Nicaragua 1981-90, Panama 1989, Bulgaria 1990, Albania 1991, Iraq 1963, 1991 and 2003, Afghanistan 1980s and 2001, Ecuador 2000, Venezuela 2002, Haiti 2004 and Cuba from 1959 to present where over 300 attempts have been made to overthrow Castro.

American intervention era

Under the Monroe Doctrine, Europe was excluded from colonization in the America's and intervening in Western hemisphere. In 1904 President Roosevelt enunciated the Corollary to that doctrine permitting US to intervene anywhere to prevent intervention by European powers. Thus the Panama Canal was built for strategic, military and commercial gains and why Columbia became a target of regime change.
Secret documents written in 2000 by Project for the New American Century and titled 'Rebuilding America's Defences' reveal how US planned to attack Iraq even before invading it in 2001. The documents reveal of the plan to take military control of the Gulf region and establish security for itself. Overthrowing Saddam was a necessity as was the removal of all other 'obstacles'.

The gameplan is to continue regime change and increase presence of American forces in Southeast Asia and to encourage democratization in China. The blueprint acknowledges Libya, Syria, North Korea and Iran as dangerous regimes. US has occupied a third of the 'axis of evil' only North Korea and Iran remain threats to US interests. It is easy to know who the next targets will be.

The game is to save the world's economic system established in 1913 with the Federal bank, in 1944 with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the five banks that planned WWI to abolish kingdoms and banks that backed Hitler in WWII to control oil and to finance Muslim brotherhood to drive Europe out of the Arab world. To these bankers nationalism is the enemy but they fund leaders that use nationalism as propaganda to gain power so long as they function as puppets of capitalism thereafter.

The reasons for regime change are simple and often prompted by corporate lobbyists. Corporates didn't want to pay export duties in Hawaii so it was overthrown, United Fruit Co didn't want to loose out to nationalism in Guatemala, so the government was overthrown, loss of copper stakes to US elites meant the overthrow of Chile's government, Iran's case was oil while US lumber and mining companies did not like the Nicaraguan leader and Honduras joined the list of regime changes because the American banana magnates decided so.

In Kosovo the US wanted to establish a military base in the Balkans and tap its oil, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia all are perfect for advancing US geopolitics and future strategies. Therefore, there is no reason to be surprised when the ICC, UNHRC or any such international bodies meet and endorse resolutions and agree to 'unanimous' trade embargoes, freeze on assets etc... these are all part of the gameplan to zero in on countries that have been targeted on paper. Foundations are only laid to ensure that the internationally accepted 'excuses' for invasions or international actions are justified. International bodies and their statutes become artfully interpreted tools.

Western elites

Need we give more examples of America's bullying? America has shown it has the power to dislodge the gentlest leader to the most corrupt. America has overthrown democratically elected leaders and replaced them with downright murderers and ironically dislodged these very stooges leaving these countries defenseless against their own.

The US is responsible for creating monsters, keeping them in power so long as they allowed the countries' natural resources to be divided amongst Western elites.

Dethrowning them no sooner they act beyond Western dictates has been the blueprint being used and reused over the past century. The world has set up international courts to take to trial the political leaders but why are those trials ignoring the biggest perpetrator - the US?

False propaganda

Americans have been fooled over the years by their politicians and more importantly the supposed 'independent' media. Americans have fallen for the 'saving humanity' bringing 'democracy', 'human rights' cliches which have been excuses to totally ruin nations. What Americans are guilty of is blindly accepting and believing all that its government and its media has fed them. To most Americans, the invasion of Iraq was acceptable for they were totally clueless about the history, about the truth of US involvement vis a vis regime changes and support of terrorism and most importantly very few Americans even knew that Saddam Hussein was previously a CIA agent. How many Americans know that the US supported not only Saddam Hussein but dictators like General Pinochet, Ferdinand Marcos, General Suharto, Anastascio Somoza, Pol Pot who killed 1.5 million people? All these dictators were supported by the US directly or indirectly.

How many knew that Osama bin Laden was a man nurtured by the US and who had financial interests in the US? Similarly Americans remain clueless about all other clandestine activities that its governments have been involved with over the centuries and its media have ensured Americans have been kept in the dark as well. Had Americans known the truth, Americans would certainly have demanded answers from US legislatures for one million Iraqi deaths and thousands more even after US occupation.

The outcome

These regime changes are often described as 'catastrophic victories' - victories to the US and allies but catastrophic to the people of the nations that end up suffering. Iraq today is far worse than it was under its 'dictator' Saddam. There are more deaths, more destruction, more patients suffering from the forbidden weapons used by US and UK troops than when Saddam was ruling. Afghanistan is no better and its people are suffering not only from the Taliban but also from Allied and NATO fires. Kosovo after nine years of military occupation has over 60 percent unemployment. The only source of employment is by working for US/NATO or UN agencies. It is the centre of international drug trade and prostitution. Its mines, mills, refining centres, railroads all sit silent.

Its rich resources have become privatized and sold to Western MNCs. Dick Cheney's Halliburton was given the contract to build Camp Bondsteel, the US military base. US is guarding all oil and transportation lines while over 250,000 Serbians, Romanis and including Albanians have been driven out of the Serbian province.

Is this the 'democracy' that these people sought and was promised by the US and the West? Libyans need to seriously think before taking to the streets in jubilation and spare a minute to wonder what their fate is likely to be...it certainly will be far worse than Gaddafi. All these regime changed nations have found too late that the known devil was afterall better than the unknown angel that came to them as their saviour!

Democratic principles

The first instance of deposing a foreign leader was in 1909 when President William Taft ordered the overthrow of Nicaraguan President Jose Santos Zelaya. The excuse was to protect American security and promote democratic principles. The real reason was to protect American companies to operate as they liked in Nicaragua. The 1981-90 Nicaragua Contra revolution was directed by the CIA to overthrow Sandinista. Though it was illegal to fund the contras under the Boland Amendment the CIA continued to do so leading to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Taking aid from USSR and annoying the Belgiums, the corporates and CIA became reason enough to overthrow Patrice Lumumba of Congo in 1960.

Mossadegh was loved by his people and his vision was to set up a lasting democracy and strengthen nationalism. This equated to throwing out the UK oil company - Anglo Iranian Oil which had been making 170 million pounds profit annually.

Thus, the British and CIA coordinated regime change with Mossadegh soon to be portrayed as a communist (which he was not) and then the 'revolution' using hired thugs to create anarchy in Tehran resulting in the ouster of Mossadegh and the reinstating of the Shah by US.

The reward was 40 percent shares in oil to Standard Oil, Texaco and Mobil corp. Today, Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon are the spiritual heirs of the Ayatollah and proteges of the radical Iranian clerics. These same groups are sponsoring terror globally simply to humiliate the US.

Did the US err is overthrowing Mossadegh? We all know that Pinochet, Suharto, Pol Pot, Gaddafi, Saddam, Osama were all darlings of the US and that perhaps is one reason why they needed to be 'silenced' forever.

~ www.dailynews.lk ~ By Shenali WADUGE