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War and U-turns

It may be easier to trace Prabhakaran than to find a politician opposed to the on-going successful war. Everybody has jumped the bandwagon! Time was when a person who had the courage to advocate military action against terrorism was as rare as an honest politician. The pro-LTTE propaganda campaign was so powerful that only a few dared utter a word against terrorism. They were immediately branded as chauvinists or racists or extremists. The NGO fraternity and the various LTTE fronts had effectively drilled into people's heads that Prabhakaran was invincible and the only way to deal with him was to appease him. So, everybody was talking of peace, though nobody knew how to achieve it.


India digging her own grave

As a responsible leader, the Prime Minister of over one-billion of people in India, Dr Manmohan Singh should categorically reject, without any reservations or conditions, the racist demands made by some of the pro-LTTE politicians in Tamil Nadu.


Why does India continue to interfere in Sri Lanka?

"Every country has a right to protect itself", so said Pranab Mukherjee India’s External Affairs Minister shortly after 4 days of carnage in Mumbai. The Indian Government’s immediate response was to blame Pakistan’s intelligence. The Indian people however took an opposing stand and continues to blame the Indian Government and its policies for creating the situation where foreign and homegrown forces now collude to making India vulnerable and insecure for its people – Enough is Enough the people of India now say.

Ambassador Blake and the the Politics of the Tamils of Sri Lanka

Udara Soysa, interviewing Ambassador Blake for the Sri Lanka Guardian (21 November) has given us a succinct thumb-nail picture of Blake's Bottled-medicine solution (BBMS) to Sri Lanka. Even a rapid reading of it shows that Blake is trying to kill two birds in one shot- first, to given a humane face to the aggressor politics of his master Bush, and re-state the views of the "International Community" which reflects the thinking of the Thimpu Tamils who populate the cocktail circuits in Colombo, New York and Geneva.

MR in tactical diplomacy with Karunanidhi

 Secondly, the call was made in an interview given by President Rajapaksa to a popular Tamil language newspaper published in South India, wherein he also made it clear that he was even ready to discuss the Lankan devolution issue with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi

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