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Enjoined to silence Wickremesinghe

When the UNP working committee met last week, one of the matters taken up was the constitutional amendment to have a deputy leader and an assistant leader appointed. Tissa Attanayake read out the criteria decided on by the committee of party seniors. Among this was the criterion that whoever is appointed deputy leader should not have any personal agendas and should take on the government both inside and outside parliament. At this point S.B.Dissanayake stood up and suggested an amendment to the criteria to the effect that once the UNP formed a government, this deputy leader should also attack the opposition both inside and outside parliament!


Lanka's economy heads for disaster?

  • Expert group says situation like "an accident waiting to happen"
  • Politics an extension of war, President and Ranil to meet Indian PM next week

Thursday's budget overshadowed other events to become the focal point of attention for Sri Lankans in all lifestyles. This is notwithstanding the remarkable victory of Barack Hussein Obama at US presidential elections on Tuesday. The Democratic Party president-elect has won the hearts of millions in not only the US but also the world over.


Debutant Basil - a successful troubleshooter for Sri Lanka

Last week, Basil Rajapaksa MP was in New Delhi and he successfully managed to difuse the simmering tensions and concerns of the Indian Government by presenting the Sri Lanka’s case convincingly to the Indian authorities. Even Pranab Mukerjee, India’s External Affairs Minister openly expressed satisfaction on his recent talks with Sri Lankan special envoy Basil Rajapaksa.

Sajith to be UNP Deputy Leader?

When the UNP’s seniors committee appointed to look into party reforms met last week, they at last finalized the criteria for appointing a deputy leader and an assistant leader. The criteria have not been put to the working committee yet for approval.


Capitalizing on tragedy

The assassination of Janaka Perera, shook the nation last week. The LTTE, which in recent times had not been able to do anything that really could make people stand up and take notice, was able to do so by killing Janaka Perera who had become a soft target after taking to politics. There was one story that the late general used to tell his friends – that if your time had come, you had to go and nothing could prevent it. The example he gave was that of his own father, who while out on a walk, had been run over by a vehicle but had survived. Years later, he had died of complications resulting from a fall in the bathroom.
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