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Final Assault on Wanni: UNP Delusional and Not Accepting LTTE’s Impending Defeat!

LTTE Headquarters in Kilinochchi were bombed by the Sri Lankan forces on Thursday. The army was poised to march on the Kilinochchi town within days if not weeks. UNP’s inability to come to terms with the impending victory of Sri Lanka over the Tigers seemed a pathetic exhibition of self-delusional stubbornness, indicative of outright disloyalty to Sri Lanka. Does the UNP secretly believe that the Tigers are about to turn tables on the armed forces? Do they acknowledge that to all intense and purposes, Sri Lankan forces are now in control of the East, Jaffna and a large section of the Wanni at the same time, a remarkable achievement for our forces. UNP has to make a decision-on which side they are-Sri Lanka’s or Tigers’?

The Tigers are now facing decimation. LTTE’s recruitment channels are completely blocked outside a narrow stretch in the Wanni. The UNP once openly challenged the armed forces to take the battle to Kilinochchi. The armed forces just did that with remarkable agility and speed. So the Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe must come out and recognize that fact.

UNP’s silence is a telling indictment of their hypocrisy. LTTE now faces the broadest ever enemy front they had witnessed in two decades. Come-backs are not possible now. The UNP taunted the government for not confronting the Tigers in a meaningful manner. Their failure to accept their folly openly acknowledges how treacherous their pronouncements were.

These are the undeniable facts that stare in the face of the UNP which exposed their culpability being unapologetic and viciously untruthful over the years. Sri Lankan Navy has eliminated the LTTE arms smuggling ships and their domineering presence in the sea, remember Prabhakaran once said the final battle would be a sea battle for supremacy. Sea Tigers are now a sorry bunch of toothless navy fighters. It can be stated with certainty that the Rajapaksa government prosecuted the war with complete confidence and single-mindedness. The Tigers do not have a ghost of chance in reversing their losses. The UNP is dead silent. If they think that Tigers can turn tables they are sadly mistaken.

Political fallout for the UNP would be disastrous due to their inability to come to terms with the LTTE's impending defeat. It would be the height of stupidity for them to go on pretending that things would work out great for them. A decisive military victory in the Wanni is sure to be followed by a crucial election. Like the Tigers the UNP may face decimation at the polls if they continue their stubborn resistance to the truth.

Those who fear facing the electorate may at the back of their heads wish for a reversal of the fortunes of the Northern war. Is that what is driving the UNP not to be magnanimous at this crucial stage in that war. The UNP leadership may be somewhat allergic to polls. The polls-hating politicos may be banking heavily on the weather gods; that would make Wanni a safe place for the Tigers. So they want the war to get dragged on and the economy to collapse. Is that a part of their reason for being silent?

UNP was bold enough to state sometime ago that the LTTE HQ would never be bombed as the war was being fought according to a secret pact between the government and the LTTE. The military, they said, would not attack the LTTE facilities in the Wanni, they added. They pooh-poohed the liberation achieved by the government in the East. It was only a part of the secret pact that the Rajapaksa government had with the LTTE, they said.

Time has come to ask one question from the UNP leaders because the conspiracy theory they perpetrated never had any truth to it. Those who peddled such diabolical falsehoods stand exposed as anti-national traitors. The Air Force has attacked the Tiger Head quarters. Will the UNP have the guts to admit that they deliberately misled the people? Tell the people about what happened to that alleged secret agreement between the government and the LTTE. They would be held accountable for those utterances that were completely unworthy of an Opposition. Time is now to come out with the truth. If not they have hell to pay when the elections come.

The sound of fire crackers that would deafen Sri Lanka when victory over LTTE is achieved would indict the UNP. You can bet on it.

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune  - Asian Tribune -


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