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US Foreign policy and its impact on the world

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US Foreign policy and its impact on the world
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The Bush administrations which  includes Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, who could have been soul mates of Stalin and other detestable politicians that have inflicted themselves on our world, have brought  back the Cold War by unnecessarily provoking the Russian Federation through the placement of missile batteries on the borders of Russia with the help of the Georgian and Polish governments and plunged the whole planet into a perilous situation which could even result in a nuclear war and the feared Armageddon.

The Bush administration does not today represent the caring, warm hearted, generous people of the United States. It represents the interests of huge multi-national corporations and is an administration foisted on the world by war mongers to safeguard the interests of the huge US armaments industry.

It is with reluctance that I wish to recall the negative role played by the US in the affairs of our world over the years when she could have been an enormous force for the good of mankind; the actions of successive US governments have caused much misery and has far out-weighed the good that they have done.

Support for Apartheid regime

Let us first of all flag the support the US and Europe lent to the Apartheid regime in South Africa, recall Maggie Thatcher’s support for South Africa on account of British business interests including those of her husband Denis Thatcher; had the US and Europe sent South Africa to Coventry, the Apartheid regime would have collapsed far sooner than it did (thanks to the Soviets in particular).

Ask the Chinese how the US and the UK together once again, sought to sabotage the Tazara Railroad connecting Zambia ’s Mines to Tanzania ’s ports. The railroad was intended to break Apartheid South Africa’s hold on the southern part of the African continent. The same two countries prolonged devastating civil wars in Angola and elsewhere and staved off independence for Namibia in the name of fighting Communism. White South Africa with the assistance of the US and the UK was actively sabotaging its neighbours and destroying their infrastructure. They also supported discredited rebel groups to de-stabilize countries in Africa when they could not exploit their resources.

The man that the US and the UK in particular would love to lynch, Mugabe, stated in the Foreign Affairs Magazine some twenty years ago "Political and material support for desperate bandit groups, dissidents and discredited individuals by a super power like the United States is a prescription for chaos and instability in the international political system. Calling them freedom fighters does not make them any such thing".

This brings up a most interesting issue. Most people are perplexed as to why and how it is that this man Mugabe still survives, why have the people of his country, who are undergoing terrible hardships, and the neighbouring African countries not helping to dump him? Why is it that he still has a substantial following in his country? This is primarily due to the past actions of the US and the UK in Africa . 

1980 was when Ian Smith was compelled to ‘abdicate’ and hand over power to the native people of Zimbabwe. Till then both South Africa and Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was known, were treated as honorary members of the west by not only Britain, but also by Europe and the US; they not only condoned but supported the exploitation of the native black people by the white migrant minority. So is it difficult now to understand why African leaders or their peoples do not put much store in the pious preaching by the western political leaders on the value of democracy?

The US and the western group also overlook any and every atrocity in countries where they have important economic interests in Africa such as the Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea or Angola to name but three of the oil and resource rich countries; it is these double standards that have eroded western credibility and made it possible for Mugabe to remain in power.


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