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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?

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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?
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More & more we are made to wonder the connotations behind the quest for a Tamil Eelam. Was it an ideology that was not meant to go beyond conceptual phase, was it a past time for those who had everything in life & wanted a little excitement, was it a seed planted to create regional & sub-regional discord & friction & create the necessity for western interference, was it meant to allow large numbers of Tamils to reside overseas & uplift their living standards & most of all was it really because the Sinhalese were discriminating the Tamils or was it an experiment gone wrong & out of hand? In reality there is much more to the quest for Tamil Eelaam than meets the eye which requires closer analysis & thought.

We cannot deny that there prevailed separatist thought on the lines of a separate state for Tamils! This first emerged in Tamil Nadu. This was natural for 65million of the world's 80million Tamils resided there. It came in the form of a We Tamil Movement in the late 1960s which was crushed by the Indian Government. India ensured it didn't expand or gain any untoward propaganda. Another reason why it did not get the kickstart it desired was probably because the people of Tamil Nadu would not have heralded around this idea. India was desiring no separation in India & India successfully managed to steer separatist thought away from Tamil Nadu for well over 40 years. How so...part of India's policy unfortunately was to be at odds with their immediate neighbor & in harmony with their neighbor's neighbor. India's SAARC neighbors will all have their reservations about India's sincerity in many matters. Why did Indira Gandhi feel she needed to train, arm, finance sets of Tamils to embark on an armed struggle against Sri Lanka's Government - how long did she plan this to continue & did it never strike India that armed movements eventually forget to appreciate their masters? Several factors did contribute towards Mrs. Gandhi's decision & one of these was Sri Lanka's President's tilt towards the West & in particular relations with the US & Israel the other of course was to direct separatist movement away from India to Sri Lanka where Tamil Nadu separatist mongers would be kept happy watching separatism take shape in Sri Lanka but it would only remain a "quest" - India never meant for the Sri Lankan militants to go beyond the "struggle phase". So, when India gets into action training Sri Lanka's military, providing arms & other expertise it was always after India understood that the LTTE was getting the better of the Sri Lankan Government - which India wanted to happen but not to completely overwhelm Sri Lanka's military. While we need to understand India's diplomacy & actions, it was for Sri Lanka's Governments to have read these & been intelligent enough to counter them. Therefore, India is not to blame for the follies of Sri Lanka's leaders whose primary interest should have been to protect the country's territorial integrity not just being in power.


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