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- Sri Lankan Army clearing land mines to resettle displaced people

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Troops continue clearing operations Sri Lanka troops of 56 Division recovered 80 AP mines (P4 MK I) in general area Velarssinnakulam , 20 AP mines (P4 MK I) in Mailankulam and 08 AP mines(P4 MK I) Navatkulam area yesterday (19 June). Meanwhile the troops of 511 Brigade recovered one claymore mine in general area Neervely. Separately the troops of 61 Division recovered 29 AP mines in general area Sinnapandivirichchan , 01 AP mine in Malwarayankaddaiadampan and 37 AP mines in general area Periyapandivirichchan yesterday. Troops of 612 Brigade found 06 AP mines in Nandikandal area and 02 AP mines in Mannakulam area. General area Kovilpuliyankulam troops recovered 09 AP mines and one hand grenade and general area Vilathikulam they found 53 AP mines. Troops of the same Division recovered 14 AP mines and 02 x 81mm mortar bombs in general area Maruthamadu. the troops of 215 Brigade engaging the search operations in general area Nagathalu recovered 15 AP mines and 15 x UXOs and general area Udaiyadi they recovered 138 AP mines. In Task Forse 3 area, Mankulam troops of 632 Brigade recovered 02 Ap mines. the clearing operations done by the troops of 591 Brigade recovered two claymore bombs , two mortar Trappings , 28 Ap mines , three hand grenades and seven RPG bombs in general area Thannimurippukulam yesterday.
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